Stephanie Scalera

Stephanie Scalera — Real Estate Broker, Naturally!

Stephanie Scalera’s professional career came together like a giant puzzle whose pieces fit perfectly together. After graduating from marketing at McGill University, Stephanie went on to gain experience in a variety of fields that led her straight to real estate.

Key skills that add up

Stephanie first tackled retail management, where she honed her innate sense of customer service. She then went on to sales, and later finance, where her successful methodology was born.

Stephanie is widely praised not only for her incredible efficiency but also for her strong interpersonal skills. She inspires trust and adapts quickly to just about anything. It’s no surprise then that Stephanie immediately found success upon obtaining her real estate broker’s license in 2013.

Marketing that delivers

Stephanie has everything a real estate broker needs to succeed. Her in-depth knowledge of mortgages and passion for home staging and design also means she’s a veritable goldmine of precious information for marketing a new property.

Meticulous by nature, Stephanie knows all too well that it’s those small details that can make all the difference when it comes to delivering results. She is a true entrepreneur who is well equipped to advise both first-time buyers and seasoned investors.

Get on the right track

What could be more rewarding than working with an accomplished professional who is passionate about her work?

Thinking about selling or buying? Call Stephanie today for a free evaluation of your home or for an introduction and consultation.

President’s Gold Award